Respond firmly to proliferation crises, particularly in Iran and North Korea ;

 Determine consequences of a State’s non-compliance with NPT non-proliferation obligations, and of withdrawal from the NPT, including a suspension of nuclear co-operation and transfers ;

 Promote the universalization of the Treaty ;

 Universalize and strengthen the IAEA safeguards system, particularly with the universal adoption of the Additional Protocol ;

 Strengthen nuclear security and the physical protection of nuclear material, and minimize, wherever technically and economically feasible, the use of highly enriched uranium in peaceful nuclear activities in order to prevent illicit trafficking and nuclear terrorism ;

 Strengthen export controls, particularly of sensitive nuclear materials and technologies, and develop in this connection technical co-operation, assistance activities, and information sharing ;

 Cooperate to further develop multilateral nuclear fuel supply mechanisms, as viable and credible alternatives to the development of national enrichment and reprocessing capabilities ;

 Adopt national criminal sanctions against acts of proliferation, and development of assistance to countries and to public and private actors, with a view to raise their awareness in this area ;

 Make resolute international and national efforts to combat proliferation financing ;

 Adopt measures to prevent intangible transfers of knowledge and know-how, including co-operation mechanisms in terms of consular vigilance ;

 Develop proliferation-resistant and safeguards-friendly technologies.