Side event of the NPT Review Conference held by France (May 14, 2010) : "Toward a responsible development of nuclear energy"

On the sidelines of the NPT Review Conference, the French Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) organized on 14 May 2010 a seminar on responsible development of nuclear energy with a panel of specialists involved at different levels in promoting access to civil nuclear energy in all its aspects (training, international cooperation, industrial projects).

In compliance with the NPT objectives and its Article IV, France is actively committed to safe and responsible development of nuclear energy. Against a backdrop of tackling climate change and high prices of fossil fuels, France stands ready to help any country who wishes to have access to nuclear energy for peaceful purposes and who abides by its non-proliferation commitments.

Download the presentations :
- The responsible development of nuclear energy : What France proposes (PDF 46.5 kB) by Mr Mondoloni, Director of International Affairs at the CEA
- Education and training : a challenge for a sustainable nuclear energy future (PDF 643.1 kB) by Mr Guet, Director of Nuclear Education and Training at the CEA
- France Nuclear International Agency : Assistance for newcomers (PDF 822.4 kB) by Mr Pallier
- Areva (PDF 212.1 kB) by Mr Poirier