PrepCom 2013

The second Preparatory Committee of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) was held in Geneva on 22 April-3 May 2013 and chaired by the Romanian Ambassador, Cornel Feruta.

In a context marked by a worrying aggravation of regional crises in both Iran and North Korea, the NPT today remains the keystone of the international non-proliferation regime and one of the foundations of the collective security system. Consolidating the regime is one of France’s priorities.

France therefore welcomes the fact that the 2013 Preparatory Committee enabled the continuation of in-depth, balanced discussions on all three pillars of the Treaty (disarmament, nuclear non-proliferation, and promotion of civil uses of nuclear energy), implementing the roadmap of the action plan adopted by consensus in 2010. Indeed, only that balanced, realistic approach, calling upon countries to carry out concrete, gradual actions, will make it possible to move forward to create the conditions of a world free of nuclear weapons, in accordance with the goals of the NPT.

France is also pleased to note the important themes such as compliance with international non-proliferation obligations and the consequences of abusive exercise of the right of withdrawal from the Treaty, which it considered to be accounted for insufficiently during the previous cycle, were tackled by the States Parties.

Concerning the Middle East, the Preparatory Committee recalled the major expectations tied to the implementation of the 1995 resolution and achieving the goal of a zone free of weapons of mass destruction in the region. That ambitious goal requires patience, perseverance and an inclusive approach. That is why the efforts of all the States Parties to the NPT need to continue converging constructively towards that common goal. France is particularly keen to reaffirm its commitment, in support of Mr Laajava and the three depositary States, to creating the conditions required to hold the conference on the establishment of such a zone, initially scheduled for 2012, as soon as possible, with all stakeholders.