French statement at Main Committee III (Peaceful uses of nuclear energy) at the NPT Review Conference (10 May 2010)

Mrs Florence MANGIN, Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations and other international Organizations in Vienna :

" My country came to this Conference with a simple message. We do not have to choose between the development of civil nuclear energy and strengthening the non-proliferation regime. We do not have to choose between respecting inalienable rights and responsible behavior toward the general public, our neighbors and future generations. Civil nuclear energy provides us with a major source of energy which will enable the international community to provide answers to the enormous economic, human and environmental challenges that we face. Let’s share it in the best way possible, let’s use it in the best way possible, for environmental purposes, for peaceful purposes, to support development, peace, and collective security. Let’s allow this review conference to provide us with the opportunity to make concrete progress towards this new nuclear governance - a joint, shared governance - that we are striving to achieve. "

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