France’s action

As a Permanent Member of the United Nations Security Council and a nuclear-weapon State 1 for the purposes of the NPT, France has special responsibilities when it comes to preserving and building international peace and security.

France’s work to combat proliferation and promote arms control and disarmament takes this dual responsibility fully into account. It is guided by steadfast principles : work to ensure a safer world, develop friendly relations between States, prevent threats to peace, respect the right of self-defence, renounce the arms race and move towards general and complete disarmament. France is taking action through multilateral mechanisms, legal regimes and where necessary ad hoc initiatives. In doing so, it takes into account developments in the international security situation and the evolving strategic context, while always seeking the broadest possible international consensus.

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1Under Article IX of the NPT, a nuclear-weapon State is one which has manufactured and exploded a nuclear weapon or other nuclear explosive device prior to 1 January 1967.