Adapting operational features of French forces

 Flying Mirage 2000N. Photo credit : Olivier RAVENEL Flying Mirage 2000N. Photo credit : Olivier RAVENEL

France is working towards reducing the operational readiness of nuclear weapons systems when the strategic context so allows and conditions for our overall security are maintained. It has taken significant steps to this end, which provide concrete and reliable responses :

- Detargeting of France’s nuclear means, announced in 1997, constantly reaffirmed since. This means that since then, no French nuclear weapon is pointed at any particular target.

-  Reduction of the readiness of the two components in 1992 and 1996. These reductions in alert levels have affected both the forces’ response times and the number of weapons systems.

Moreover, France has employed considerable technical means in addition to strict, rigorous and effective procedures to ensure that no weapons can be used without an order from the President of the French Republic.

Read Decree 2009-1118 of 17 September 2009 on government control of nuclear deterrence (only in French).